WOW Donuts & Drips, Plano, TX

WOW Donuts & Drips, Plano, TX

IMG_3328WOW is right when it comes to talking about this place. Super happy a close friend recommended me to check out. I had the opportunity to experience this delightful and very aesthetically pleasing donut and coffee shop with an even sweeter person, coffee shop Vlogger Annika! Despite the fact that we came in for “work” purposes and we hadn’t met yet, this place totally helped us experience the best of each other.

Girls, this is totally the the place you want to bring your girlfriends for a sweet breakfast pick-me up. And guys, don’t worry they have you covered too.

Here are four reasons why this place sparks and inspires conversations:

Aesthetically pleasing –more like dream home!

Okay, sometimes you want a very cozy couch to sit on when meeting a friend so damn early in the morning for coffee. TBH, we all get tired of sitting on hard and stiff benches all the time. But imagine a place where the couch looks like the one you’ve pinned on the “Home Goals” board of Pinterest. This place is super cute, seriously will have you talking about every detail for hours to come. The lighting, just as well, brightens up the entire place and opens up your eyes as well as your soul.

Each donut is a magical and talk-worthy experience!

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I mean look at that magic, must I say anything else? Each donut is soft, creamy, just the right-amount of sweet, and creative. You and your besties can spend time here trying to describe each flavor that you taste from each donut. And the flavors aren’t all, each donut is artistically decorated with intention. Donut underestimate the power of WOW.

Pair your mouthwatering donut with a thirst-quenching coffee

Whether you like it cold or hot, each donut deserves to paired with a good-ol’ tasting coffee! You can have such an interstate take on coffee after your mouth has been filled with such dough-filled goodness. But be reassured that the coffee will be equally as good.  There is no better way than getting to know one another than by sipping on a hot vanilla latte, that’s what I always say.

This place a total experience, nothing less than your money’s worth

So maybe you’re just here for the pictures. Well that’s okay, have a lemonade instead. Or maybe grab a strawberry milk and have a Kolache. Don’t worry you can afford it all here. YUP! Compared to other coffee shops or boutique donut shops in Dallas, this one won’t break your bank. Makes adulting with your besties a little easier now that you don’t have to dig into your savings for a cup of coffee. I don’t know about you but that always makes me talk faster. HAHA!

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