Royal Blue Grocery Coffee – The Mercantile Dallas, Tx

Royal Blue Grocery Coffee – The Mercantile Dallas, Tx

IMG_3275Royal Blue Grocery was a very memorable place to come into. The name of the business can obviously tell you that Royal Blue is an urban grocery store, originally established in Austin and has grown to have two locations her in Dallas. The one I visited was The Mercantile Dallas location in Downtown, on Main Street.

The reason why I would say this place is very memorable is because of the conversations I got to experience and share with two of my most special and dearest friends. Too many, this place can be just another convenience store, and to others it can become the grab-and-go coffee shop they stop at every morning before work. I find this place to be more than that.  The tables aren’t just there for people watching.

Here are four reason why Royal Blue is such a conversational coffee shop:


Opened at the crack of dawn and stays opened until Twilight.



Believe it or not, there are awesome humans in this planet that want to spend a late night sipping coffee and eating some snacks with their friends. Not everyone spends their Friday night at the clubby-club. Royal Blue has an open-concept coffee shop right inside the convenience store. If you’re a night owl, you will love this place because they don’t close until Midnight. Can you say, #winning?

They are wine’tastic about serving you the best coffees and spirits

Talk about feeling fancy while being comfortable. Are you interested in wine instead, but don’t want to let a friend down? Royal Blue has both. You can buy some flavorful wine or pop open a can of your favorite beer. But must I say, their coffee is amazing. I love the strong punch that the Americano gives when served hot.

Talk about the convenience of having any snack with your coffee, aye?


Royal Blue seems to have endless possibilities and carry all your favorite go-to-snacks. If you want some fruit, they have it, if you want the bag of blue-corn chips, they have it, or maybe you want a delicious chocolate bar, they have it! It changes the game when it comes to spending time at a “coffee shop” because you aren’t too limited to what you can snack on when sipping on that caffeine!

The atmosphere of this place is inspiring

While Bekah, Drew and I sat down, we got to talking about our lives and our dreams. All the goals that we have and are hustling to get accomplished just sounded so tangible while sitting here. I don’t know if its because the strong-tasting Americano went straight into my blood stream or maybe it was a half-delusional Monica talking at 11 PM at night… I just know that this place really stirred up some determination in me to kick it up a notch in life. Looking out the window and seeing all the tall corporate building surrounding us really made us feel like big bosses.

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