I Love U-A Latte Richardson, Texas

I Love U-A Latte Richardson, Texas

I Love U A Latte is such a sweet hole in the wall kind-of coffee shop. I discovered it about two years ago while I was still taking pre-reqs for my graduate degree (no longer relevant haha). It’s located in Richardson, Texas just down the road from UT Dallas and close enough to Brookhaven College and Richland College. So for those who are still in school and or live around this area, come check it out.


Although I don’t come as often, I actually started coming back a little more now that I find myself driving to that side of town once a every week. What makes the place special is how warm and cozy the owner has made this place. Below are 5 reason why this place is a coffee shop worth having conversations at/over/about:

Coziness enables open expressiveness

The very inviting furniture, all the ample space to sit, relax and just get comfortable, really make this place homie. I Love U A Latte really strives to make this your home away from home. Even if you’re just trying to meet a friend during your work or class break, this place will allow you to feel tots relaxed. The colorful purple walls bring tranquility into the room, kind of makes me just want to take a breather and really vent out my feelings to a bestie here.

The menu is customizable, creative, and spontaneous


I always enjoy when a barista can suggest to me a favorite drink instead of having to guess for myself what I should try next. When you’re inviting a friend who has never been, it can be hard to suggest something, especially when most likely you guys might have very different taste. You don’t want to push her away just because her drink wasn’t the best for her/him. Here you have tons of options, magical barista creations that are delicious, and tons of other non-coffee selections. That way if your friend isn’t into coffee, she can still enjoy your company because she “loves you a latte”.

Be Hangry no-more!


If you’re anything like my husband, I know you won’t be able to hold any type of conversation if you’re hungry. In fact, you might just experience a malfunction of some sort unless your bestie steps up and shoves a snickers into your mouth or something. I Love U A Latte has a food menu that is scrumptious. You can pick from their delicious pastries, but if you’re at Victor’s hangry level, you might want to try to get yourself some avocados or salmon toast, or maybe a wrap or sandwich. You’ll be easier to have a conversation with once you try their delicious food!

The coffee makes you feel safe

It’s hard for me top open up to people, although that maybe be difficult to believe. But it’s true. If it wasn’t for coffee and this blog, I would be sitting at home hiding literally from every person that can is and can become so special in my life. Now add coming into new place you’ve never been before into the mix. The coffee at love you latte is made with care, with attention and with passion. Their desire is not just to get your money and move on, they want you to leave with an experience like no other. What if you come back and for years to come, you’ll remember the moments you shared with your best friend here? All because of their deliciously made coffee. It’s kind of hard to not feel like you’re safe and welcome here, especially when you’re holding what looks like a normal mug you grabbed from home that reads “Hello Fall” in the summer. LMAO

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